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Storm Sandy

I like listening to the sounds while I walk around the lake.  I hear ducks, geese and birds and of course there are people talking on their cell phones, talking to each other and one man whistling for his children. … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Birthday

Today is October 21st, this would have been my mother’s 82nd birthday.  She passed away four years ago.  I miss her and think about her every day.  There are so many questions I did not ask her and now I … Continue reading

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Mindful Path

I just received the new issue of The Oprah Magazine. I have not read it yet but on the cover it says “How to fulfill your destiny”. I enjoy reading this magazine because there are articles about looking within, about … Continue reading

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Search Your Heart

I was wondering how does one go about seeking meaningfulness?  Do you seek out through reading, writing, dreaming, asking other people questions?  There are life coaches that can help – of course you have to pay for their help.  How … Continue reading

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This afternoon I am in my room typing this while my son and his friend are playing a game on XBox.  They yell and scream and enjoy themselves.  That is why I came into my room – too much noise.  … Continue reading

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