Search Your Heart

I was wondering how does one go about seeking meaningfulness?  Do you seek out through reading, writing, dreaming, asking other people questions?  There are life coaches that can help – of course you have to pay for their help.  How do some people find it and others never do?

Are you open to new possibilities?  Do you have your eyes and mind wide open as you search the far corners of your heart?  Some people know early on what their direction will be and stick with it.  Others like myself are still wondering what is my calling.

My son knows where he is going to college and what he wants to do.  I am so happy for him.  He has direction, he has his passion in sight.  I am excited to see what he will do with it. That excitement is what drives us. In Barbara Walters book “Auditions” I read that Arnold Schwarzenegger said “Staying hungry. That’s it.” That is what drives him to excel at whatever his goal is.

Do you agree? I look forward to reading your comments.  Have a wonderful day!


About harrisandyou

I am passionate about saving natural resources and I enjoy sharing information about the environment and hope that one day we will all work together to create a healthier planet. I am a Zero Waste Specialist and concerned individual. I look forward to reading your comments!
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