Got Clutter?

English: Wooden File Cabinet with drawer open....

I do not like clutter.  Too many piles of papers, decorative items all around creates chaos in my mind which makes it difficult for me to function well.

I like calm, orderly, a place for everything.  Don’t get me wrong there are times when I am busy and leave things in a mess or I don’t have the time to file papers away.  Usually by the end of the week I look around and find papers, pieces of mail that I am not sure where to keep them.  At that point I have to stop and think of why I need it, what does it relate to and then file it with the same subject matters.

I keep binders of things I am working on so that when paperwork does come in I can file it in that binder.  If it is an article or email on the computer, I will create a folder for it on my hard drive or in Dropbox if it is something I need to access.

Taking the time to organize by using binders, file cabinets or storage bins makes less work for later on.  Less clutter less cleaning and more time for fun, family and friends!


About harrisandyou

I am passionate about saving natural resources and I enjoy sharing information about the environment and hope that one day we will all work together to create a healthier planet. I am a Zero Waste Specialist and concerned individual. I look forward to reading your comments!
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