Happy New Year

A new year, new opportunities, a clean slate.  How do you look at the new year?  Do you make resolutions?

I seem to make the same resolutions each year and like most do not keep them.  So this year I am not making any and that way I do not have to feel guilty for not keeping them.  I do think that learning one new thing is a good beginning.  If whatever you learn adds to your knowledge of an interest of yours, a new language, and/or makes you a better human being, then I think that is a great resolution to have!

Have more fun is another good resolution.  The world seems so serious and our schedules are full of what we “need to do”,  “should do”, “have to do”.  I am always making lists of things I “need” to get done, people I “should” call, exercise I should do!  It gets exhausting trying to keep up with it all.  But making time for fun sounds like a good idea!

What would you like to change or incorporate into your life this year?

I look forward to your comments and Happy New Year!


About harrisandyou

I am passionate about saving natural resources and I enjoy sharing information about the environment and hope that one day we will all work together to create a healthier planet. I am a Zero Waste Specialist and concerned individual. I look forward to reading your comments!
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