This is a picture of Sputter.  Sputter is a hybrid and gets 55 miles to the gallon.  He was born in 2003 and is from San Francisco.

Sputter does not like going up hills but loves going down hill and picking up speed – wheee!

Hybrid with great gas mileage!

Hybrid with great gas mileage!

He is sleek and modern and when you open the door you lower yourself into the seats like a race car.  Sputter does not have all the bells and whistles and is not built for incredible comfort.  However he gets you from point A to point B and saves the environment from all kinds of bad pollutants.

Sputter looks and feels like a sleek, low race car but watch out if there is a hill or gulp! a mountainous road, hence his name.


About harrisandyou

I am passionate about saving natural resources and I enjoy sharing information about the environment and hope that one day we will all work together to create a healthier planet. I am a Zero Waste Specialist and concerned individual. I look forward to reading your comments!
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