Almost there

I found a advertisement for a job opening that sounded perfect for me. I emailed my resume and the next day received a response and a questionnaire. I completed the questionnaire and emailed it back.

I received another response saying they would like to have a phone interview.  Great!  The next day I had the phone interview, which I think went well and I felt like I had a good connection with the interviewer.  At the end of the phone interview she mentioned that if they want to move forward I would receive an email for a face-to-face interview.

Yes the next day I received an invitation to meet with the woman I spoke with and the employer.  I went to the interview dressed for success, resume and references in hand, and ready to meet with the employer.

I thought the interview went well.  I had a good connection with both the interviewer and the employer.  My experience matched those required and I had industry background.  All sounded perfect!  They said they would let me know that evening or Monday at the latest.

I kept checking my emails hoping that this job would be offered to me and I could get back to a regular working routine with good pay.  The evening came and I still had not seen an email from the employer.  I checked one more time hoping this employer would be the one that would hire me.

Received the email that night which was the basic “thank you but no thank you”.  I was a “quality candidate and it was a difficult decision”.  Right!?! Again I had jumped through hoops and made it all the way to the interview and did not get an offer.

Disappointment in hand, I feel my confidence slip.  I am tired of interviewing and being rejected.  Is it age discrimination? I keep up with the latest technology, software.  I do tutorials online and keep trying to update my skills and abilities.

I am trying to keep a stiff upper lip and go back to the drawing board.  I am working on my own business while seeking full time work and working a part-time job.  The routine is stressful and not recommended.


About harrisandyou

I am passionate about saving natural resources and I enjoy sharing information about the environment and hope that one day we will all work together to create a healthier planet. I am a Zero Waste Specialist and concerned individual. I look forward to reading your comments!
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