Thinking about you

I was thinking about this blog and what to write. What do you want to read about?  I realized I have not been written in awhile and that I am feeling a lot of pressure to keep up with this blog.

I try to write once a week but between the work I do, the blogs (3 in all) and recently my taxes, house work, yard work – you know daily life is taking up a lot of my time.  I also have not made any headway to a life full of meaning.

I try to meditate in the morning before getting out of bed and at night before I go to sleep.  I close my eyes and try to stay focus on nothing.  Do not let that that voice creep in telling me the things I need to take care of, thoughts of “what is it I am suppose to do with my life?”.  Instead I try to stop the voice and think of nothing – Hush the noise.  Sit in silence. Be still.

This is work.  Some people seem to meditate with ease and have “AHA” moments come to them.  I have not had that happen.  Or great ideas of how to re-invent themselves.  That has not happened to me, just as this blog has not taken off with hundreds of readers.

So from now on I’ll only write when I have something of interest to say or when I really have a need to write what is within me.  Or who know maybe when I am meditating I will have a transformative experience and knows exactly what to do with myself.  Until then Treat everyone with respect and have a happy life!

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Get Organized with Spring Cleaning

For many years I have loved getting my house organized. From the kitchen to the bathroom, to the bookshelves to my office – a place for everything reduces your stress, reduces the amount of time you have to look for something and helps you spend more time enjoying the things you love.

I have worked in many offices and seen paper work take up the majority of the space. This is happening less often because of technology. Computers have all the documents at our fingertips.  You may still need a hard copy once in awhile.  Setting up filing systems in the computer and in a file drawer is a necessity.

Sort through files and write down each category that you want to set up files for.  Not just where you want to file it but the category you will go to when you need it.  This is true for both hard copies and in your computer.

Once you have written down all the categories you can start to make folders.  Once you have the folders, you want to go through each file and decide 1) what you need to keep, 2) what you can recycle and 3) what to shred.

This is a great way to start to get rid of clutter.  It may take you a couple of hours or it may take a few days, it depends on how much you have.  This can lead to finding items you thought you lost, it can lead to finding the name and phone number or email you need to contact.  Do not contact that person while you are sorting and organizing.  You want to create a file for To Do’s and put it there.  When you start working on your To Do List is when you will grab that folder and contact that person.

Another way to get organized is to have a binder of important information such as emergency numbers, professional contacts such as lawyers, accountants, etc.  You can add your insurance information, medical information, even goals and a plan to get to those goals.

Go ahead start your spring cleaning. Take one room at a time, stay focused and your results will be an organized home with more time for fun!

A couple of resources:

Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern

The One Thing Book for Home or Business by Linda Easton

What are ways that have helped you and kept you organized?  Please let me know if you liked or have comments.

Time to get organized!

Time to get organized!

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Barricade to Beautiful Green Belt

The Berlin Wall separated East and West Germany from 1961 to 1989. Families were separated and were not able to communicate or see each other. It was a terrible reminder of freedom taken away from the people living in East Germany.

It is hard to believe that something so awful – a brick wall, concrete piled high complete with guard towers and soldiers with rifles, could be changed into a beautiful area of trees, flowers and green grass; where people walk, bike, run and play with no restrictions.

Earth911 features an article on the changes that have taken place since the Berlin Wall was removed.  Today where the Wall was there is “870 miles of natural habitat”.

How wonderful for East Germany to have natural beauty to look at and appreciate.  Change has been for the better and hopefully it will remain a place for everyone to enjoy and a remembrance of how precious freedom is.

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Paying It Forward

I appreciate when someone else pays it forward. Recently my other blog was mentioned on another person’s blog. I was honored and admired the way the person gives back. Her name is Wendy Mccance and her blog is

Wendy shares information on searching for freelance writing jobs and how to use social media to prospect for freelance work.  She will also have guest bloggers from time to time.

In the spirit of paying it forward I want to share some other sites that I read on a regular basis that I think are worthwhile. by Kirsty Stuart – she provides writers with learning tools on how and where to get freelance writing jobs.  She also shares her knowledge on how she went from a 9 – 5 job to freelance writing. by Steven Farguharson and Leroy Milton – Steven and Leroy write articles about confidence, relationships, loneliness, etc. They are 2 Helpful Guys.

Doctor’ by Uncle Tree – beautiful poetry and words that also showcase lovely images; drawings and photographs – his words inspire and touch your heart! – Kate Northrup always comes through with information that will help your business and your pocketbook.  Her book “Money: A Love Story” has changed the way I manage my bank account. And she led me to…

The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau – – Chris travels to different all over the world and challenged himself to see every country and relates stories of the culture and people he has met.  He also posts stories of other people that travel or live on the road. by Elsie and Emma – This is one of my all time favorite sites!  Elsie and Emma create.  They post about painting a room, painting furniture, baking, cooking, taking photographs, scrapbooking, etc.  So very fun and they inspire creativity! – I love reading and books!  This site reviews books and not all the usual Barnes and Nobles type.  This site offers selections for every genre, every category, and then some! by Samantha Reynolds – inspiring words that touch your day and emotions with poetry. Her poems make your day a little brighter! –  Recipes to help you eat healthy and choose less packaging on your food. Inspiration for the good things in life!

I hope you find something on this list that interests you or maybe you have a list you would like to share.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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Friday Night

It’s Friday late afternoon and I am leaving work.  I keep thinking how nice it would be to meet a friend and have a drink.  I do not know anyone to call.  Feeling a little sad I drive home thinking about when I get home I can exercise, what I will make for dinner and what I need to get done this weekend.

When I arrived home the neighbor’s cat was waiting for me.  He is black and white, his name is Charlie.  I smiled because he meowed and wanted me to pet him.  I stood on my front porch to talk to Charlie and gave him several pats.  Then my son came out to greet Charlie and me and that lifted my spirits a little more.

When I let go of where I thought I wanted to be and instead embraced where I was or am, I felt better, happier.  Appreciating what I do have instead of what I don’t.CHARLIE

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Not just a job

For the past 2 years I have been seeking employment. Not just a job but I wanted to work with someone that cared about the environment, easy to get along with, and where I could use my skills to help the company grow. I also wanted to utilize my knowledge and education to reduce waste either on my own or within the company I would work for.

November last year I was offered employment with a landscape architect/environmentalist. He is passionate about what he does.  He enjoys teaching his clients how to have a sustainable garden with drought tolerate plants and even edible gardens.  He also installs greywater systems and rain catchment.

I’m utilizing the skills and knowledge I have while learning about landscaping and plants. My boss is open to the idea of introducing his clients to zero waste and he wants to grow the business and hire more people. I’m excited to have this opportunity that fulfills so many of my desires, it gives meaning to my day when I can help someone else even if it might be in small ways at first.

It took time to find the right job, it took time for the right job to find me.

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Are you strong enough?

Can you believe? It is January 1, 2015. 2015 sounds very futuristic, at least for me it does. What is going to be different about 2015 for you?

Each New Year we make resolutions to lose weight, make more money, stop a bad habit, save money, etc. Most of the time the resolutions are not kept. Okay I am one of those people.  I want to lose 10 pounds.  It is simple all I have to do is exercise more, stop eating sweets, stop drinking lattes, and drink a lot more water.

Only, it is hard to push myself to do all the right things in order to obtain my goal of losing 10 pounds.  We are creatures of habit and it difficult to break those habits.  It is comfortable and we do not want to be uncomfortable, so we do not take the steps that would allow us to accomplish our goal.

I just watched and listened to a TED Talk by Mel Robbins.  She was saying it is simple to get what we want but we have to “force” ourselves to take the steps that will take us there.  “Force”, break habits, put one foot in front of the other, do not make excuses and do what it takes to get what you want.

Are you willing to feel uncomfortable in order to get what you want?  Are you discipline enough to go outside of your comfort zone?  Here’s to “forcing” ourselves to make the effort that can change your life.  Here’s to a New Year, a clean slate!

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