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Life is like a camera not a box of chocolate.  You focus your lens and look through it.  What you see can become a photograph, a moment in time a piece of art. I have many projects I am working … Continue reading

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Searching for ideas

It’s Sunday and it is hot out however there is a breeze to make the heat somewhat bareable. Yesterday was just as hot and I was trying to sell some items at my brother-in-law’s garage sale.  I was hoping to make … Continue reading

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Stay Calm

This morning started with me taking a walk around the lake.  It’s a man made lake but a lake never the less, and I enjoy being by the water and seeing the birds, ducks and geese.  I got home just … Continue reading

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Being Proactive

Guess what day it is? Yes that’s right it is Thursday “gleemerman” day.  This morning after my son left for school – he’s a senior in high school, I sat down at the computer and checked emails and texted my … Continue reading

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Today is Thursday nothing significant about Thursdays except my mother use to call them “gleemerman” day.  That meant that if things were going to go wrong it would probably be on Thursday. This afternoon I went to the Post Office … Continue reading

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The Weekend

I had a nice weekend. It started Friday with a paint and wine party.  I met new people and painted a picture.  It was fun and creative which I want to have in my life.  It was also a little … Continue reading

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